Wheel Tax is Discussed

Tom Witzel Comments on Wheel Tax at Board of Public Works Meeting

Members of Council discuss Adding Tax

The Board of Public Works met on December 18th, 2017 to discuss a proposed wheel tax for the City of Marshfield to secure revenue to help fund street improvements. Committee members in attendanceGordon Earll, Ed Wagner, Mike Feirer, Tom Witzel & Chris Jockheck gave the consensus that a referendum would be best before considering a wheel tax. As of January 2018 WisDOT collects wheel tax from 25 cities/counties in Wisconsin, which the full fee is required to issue or renew registration. For more information visit WisDOT.

Would you be in favor of the City of Marshfield collecting an annual municipal vehicle registration fee (wheel tax) in addition to the regular annual registration fee paid for your vehicle?

Watch here on MCTV.

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