Marshfield Utilities Receives Second Grant for Lead Service Line Replacement

Customers Can Replace Lead Water Service Lines at Reduced Cost

Submitted to FOCUS – Marshfield Utilities is pleased to announce an improved opportunity for our customers who have lead water service lines to have them replaced at a significantly reduced cost through a state funded program.

Marshfield Utilities applied for and was awarded a $300,000 grant through the Environmental Loans Section of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Since receiving the initial grant an opportunity to apply for additional money through a second grant became available and an additional $200,000 was awarded to Marshfield Utilities.

This money can be used only for lead service line replacement on private property that will result in full lead service line replacement on both the utility owned and customer owned sides of the water service.

The DNR is allowing three years from the date that the Financial Assistance Agreement is executed for the funds to be expended by the municipality. With the Marshfield Utilities plan, customers will apply to participate in the program and then will work directly with a contractor selected from a list of pre-qualified plumbers for their water service replacement.

The DNR will reimburse the customer or the plumber directly following the work completion. These reimbursement dollars will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis so it is important for customers to respond promptly when notified.

Customers who have been identified as having lead water service lines have been sent a letter from Marshfield Utilities explaining this opportunity. With the additional grant money available customers now have the opportunity to have up to $3000 reimbursed for the replacement.

“With the estimated average cost of replacement being approximately $3,500, our hope is that we eliminate as many lead service lines as possible, if not all of them,” stated John Richmond, Water Manager for Marshfield Utilities. Customers are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity. “This is truly a win-win opportunity for customers to be able to take proactive measures and make a healthy choice.”

Customers with questions or concerns in regard to the lead service line replacement program should contact John W. Richmond, PE Water Manger of Marshfield Utilities by email at or by phone at 715-898-2170.

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