Local Businesses Team Up to Feed Starving Birds

Marshfield Country Store & Solutionz Donate Bird Seed

UPDATE: Prince Corporation has donated to the cause with free suet cakes. Click the link to learn more!

With the recent blizzards in Central Wisconsin, migratory birds are suffering. Food that is usually accessible during the spring is buried under a substantial amount of snow.

Local business Solutionz is partnering with Provision Partners’ and its Central Wisconsin (Marshfield) Country Store division to help feed Marshfield area feathered friends.

The local snowplowing and property management company is donating 60 bags of fruit and nut bird seed. Those interested in a free bag of 5-pound Nut & Fruit mix can stop at The Country Store (106 S. Peach Ave) during open hours (limit one bag per household). The Country Store is also offering 10% off all wildlife feed (excluding corn and up to $20 discount), through Friday, April 20th.

“Owning a snowplow company, we can understand the impact that this historical snow has brought to migratory bird population in our community,” said Travis Hill, manager of Solutionz. “We believe as a company we have to give where we can, when we can. This seemed like a great idea.”

“With Central Wisconsin extending its winter into April this year and the fact that the snowstorm came with such a vengeance, we have all of the migrating birds slowing down or stopping,” said Jim Bauer, location manager of the Central Wisconsin Country Store. “That’s why people are seeing more and more robins, finches, redpolls, and siskins underneath and all around the feeders.”

“We’re touched to see everybody in the community so concerned and willing to do their best to help our feathered friends along,” he added. “We are hoping for this situation to be over soon.”

Bauer encourages those concerned about the birds to help supply any of their natural foods that they would normally consume this time of year, including cherries cranberries, and anything left on the fruit trees.

Mealworms, birdseeds with bugs and fruit in them, and angleworms and night-crawlers from local fishing stores are also recommended. Putting water out for birds is beneficial as well, and a heated dog water bowl works great, according to Bauer.

Central Wisconsin Country Store (106 S Peach Ave) is open 8:00am-6:00pm Monday-Friday and 8:00am-1:30pm Saturday.

More information on how to help local birds:

Editor’s note: Solutionz is a sister company to TriMedia, which manages FOCUS.

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