Spencer Board of Education Agrees to Referendum

Spencer Schools Pursue Safety and Education in November Referendum

Over the summer break, the Spencer School District sent out a community survey asking the community to provide feedback on Spencer schools. Twenty-four percent of the citizens in the school district responded to the survey, which asked if they would support Spencer school in considering a referendum.

District Administrator Michael Endreas said, “Seventy percent of survey respondents reported they were either very satisfied or satisfied with the school district. Additionally, the community gave positive rankings to the district for providing a safe and welcoming learning environment, building pride in the community, delivering a high-quality education and maintaining facilities.”

The Board of Education asked the community in the survey to give feedback on their support of the following potential improvements with costs totaling over 4 million dollars:

  • Improve Safety and Security
    • $75,000 to upgrade the elementary school’s security.
    • 76% were likely to support this measure.
  • Update and Add Music Room
    • $450,000 to support a plan to provide funding to upgrade the band room and add a dedicated choir classroom.
    • 59% were likely to support this measure.
  • Update the Family and Consumer Education Classrooms
    • $275,000 to provide funding to update the Family and Consumer Education Classroom
    • 66% were likely to support this measure
  • Relocate Student Weight Room
    • $200,000 to provide funding to relocate the student weight room
    • 61% were likely to support this measure
  • Add a Community Fitness Center
    • $930,000 to add a community fitness center
    • 54% of citizens with no children in the school were unlikely to support this measure
  • Build a Gym
    • $2.5 Million to fund the building of an additional gym
    • 52% of citizens were likely to support this measure

Mike said, “After analyzing the results further and several discussions later, the Board of Education has agreed to pursue a referendum for this November. The survey indicated that there is little support for the community fitness center. The board has taken that information to heart and have decided to address the remainder of the projects in two questions.”

The board will now start the planning for the referendum, which includes determining how the questions will be asked on the ballot. At this time, the board will ask the voters to consider improving school safety, adding a choir room and weight room, and updating the FACE and band rooms. The second question will ask voters to decide on building an additional gymnasium.

Mike explained, “The board is now in the planning stages to educate the community on the need and benefits to our students, school and community. Please be on the lookout for opportunities to gain more information.”

The next Board of Education for the School District of Spencer is scheduled to meet on the 2nd Wednesday of August in the high school library unless otherwise noted.


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