R&R Flooring: A Guide to Pet-Friendly Floors

R&R Flooring Provides Pet-Friendly Options

Selecting the right flooring is an important consideration for builders and renovators worried about the damage their pet might do, from scratches to accidents. Fortunately, there are more than a few types of floors up the challenge and many different options that will make the look last for years to come.

Ashley Stroetz, Design & Sales Manager at R&R Flooring, has several recommendations to help pet owners and homeowners pick the best type of flooring for their home that combines scratch-durability, water-resistance, and style. Below are her top recommendations, all of which can be browsed at the R&R Flooring showroom in Spencer.

1 – Luxury Vinyl Planking and Tile

Luxury Vinyl is the number one choice for pet-friendly flooring. It’s scratch resistant, 100% waterproof, and very durable. This type of flooring can be used anywhere in the home, even in the basement, without worrying about humidity or temperature.

Providing a durable surface, luxury vinyl comes in many textured styles. For those in love with hardwood floors, this is the next best thing for a pet-friendly option that can imitate the look of the hardwood, and many other styles besides, without the pitfalls of protecting the wood from scratches and humidity.

2 – Ceramic and Porcelain Tile

Another option to consider is ceramic and porcelain tile, which like luxury vinyl is both waterproof, durable, and able to be placed anywhere in the home. Tile comes in a variety of looks and sizes, and there’s even the option to install heat. This can be installed in showers as well.

3 – Sheet Vinyl

Sheet Vinyl is an economical option for homeowners while still durable against scratches and spills. While Luxury Vinyl is assembled by planks, sheet vinyl is rolled out to size. Homeowners concerned about stains can consider Congoleum brand sheet vinyl, which has a Scotch Guard protection that prevents stains from rugs.

4 – Carpet

While homeowners might forgo carpet when they have pets, R&R Flooring has a few options that alleviate common concerns. When considering pets, select carpets that have a lower nap (shorter fibers). Claws might hook on the loops of a berber carpet, but even this type of carpet can be used as as long as the weave is tight.

Many carpets have Scotch Guard as an extra protectant which allows easier cleaning. There are other carpet options that are extra resistant to staining. Equally important to the carpet itself is the choice of padding underneath. A memory foam padding with a moisture shield makes cleaning up messes much easier than absorbent padding and allows a cleaner carpet overall.

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