Public Warned to Steer Clear of Bear Cubs near Stratford Subway


Stratford Residents and Visitors Encouraged to Keep Distance from Bear Cubs

On Monday, Stratford Police Department reported that there is a sow with two small cubs in the area, behind Subway and very close to the trailer park.

“They are hanging out in the area of heavily used walking trails,” said the post. “Please use caution, especially with pets. The cubs are very vocal and momma hangs around just out of sight (or up a tree). A sow with cubs is a situation to avoid. Any threatening actions (approaching too close or a barking dog) may result in aggressive behavior on momma’s part! It would be best to avoid the area until they move on.”

Black bears are the most common species of bear in North America, preferring forests, swamps, or anywhere with dense cover. Though typically shy, a mother bear will become aggressive to protect her young. A black bear, even a cub, is dangerous to humans when it feels threatened by a human or a pet.

If you come in contact with a bear, talk to the bear or start shouting if it doesn’t leave. Raise your arms above your head and wave to appear larger than you are. Do not run and DO NOT lie down and play dead. Slowly back away and don’t turn your back on the bear.