MAPS Pet of the Week: Snowy Jones

Marshfield Area Pet Shelter Pet of the Week

Submitted by Vicki Reidel, Marshfield Area Pet Shelter Volunteer

This big beautiful guy is Snowy Jones. We figured out almost right away that he most likely has a hearing impairment because he talks to us in a louder than average voice and when he’s sleeping, he doesn’t react when we are in the room, even if we make noise. It is reported that up to 20 percent of white cats with yellow or gold eyes are born with a hearing impairment, but that does not affect this guy’s personality! He is loud and proud, yet very sweet and cuddly. He entertains himself and others by draping himself over things with his head hanging down. He is quite a character! Please come and meet him soon.

If interested in adopting, please visit the Marshfield Area Pet Shelter’s Adoption Center located across from Furniture & ApplianceMart inside Marshfield Mall from 4:30pm-6:00pm Monday-Friday and Saturday 11am-2pm. To view all our adoptable pets and complete our online adoption application, go to our website at