OnFocus Streaming

LEVEL 2 Football Playoffs will bring a rush of talent to Central Wisconsin. Help us determine the top 3 games to LIVE STREAM! Please vote for 3 local teams that you would enjoy watching.

Which games would you like for use to LIVE STREAM in LEVEL 2? (VOTE FOR 3)

To our valued viewers, thank you for tuning into OnFocus for live streams of local games! Our team enjoys bringing you as much sports coverage as possible!

As we enter post-season coverage, we want you to know how we select which games to cover. It’s important to note that the WIAA imposes a rights fee for us to stream. There is a significant cost to us to stream these games, and therefore we do our best to select those games that have the support of the community. We also evaluate factors such as whether the game is home or away, and what we predict will be most viewed by our audience.

Our goal is to maximize our staffing, resources, and abilities to ensure our audience receives as much programming coverage as we can sustainably provide.

Thank you to all the local businesses that sponsor these streams and make our work possible! Please patronize the places that make these streams possible!

(If your business is interested in sponsoring local sports, please feel free to contact us!)