Opinion Piece: Thank You, MHS Lunch & Custodial Staff

Opinion: Thank You

(Focus is excited to showcase the work of the Marshfield High School journalism club! This article comes from sophomore Emily Schweigger.)

Marshfield High School would be affected substantially with the absence of the lunch and custodial staff. The responsibilities currently undergone by the staffs, including cleaning and bringing a lunch, would fall on students and teachers as it had in the past. The school system has eventually placed these responsibilities into other professions, and with this the work that the staffs do is often taken for granted.

The lunch staff at Marshfield High School puts together two different options for lunch every school day for lunch hours 4, 5, 6, and 7. Lunch trays and other items have to be sanitized between these periods, and other preparations are necessary for the next school day.

Lunch being provided daily is easy to accept when the option is always present. This significance would be easily realized if hot lunch wasn’t an option. Most students would have difficulty adjusting to preparing a cold lunch if they usually take hot lunch, or if Ala Carte as a second option was eliminated.

The meals provided by the lunch staff are also comparably better to early years, where choices of Mexican pizza and lasagna roll clearly best the pizza burgers of my parents’ school days.

The absence of the custodial staff would also affect students, whether or not students choose to take hot lunch. Janitors come early in the morning to open the doors for students taking early bird classes, and with winter there are more tasks present. Other cleaning necessary around MHS’s large building also adds to the work load.

The lunch and custodial work at MHS helps keep the school function, but can often take a background role. The work undergone by the staff functions as a set crew with a play in some regards. The tasks accomplished are necessary for the entire production, but can take a background role to the actors on stage. With this in mind, I’m putting out a heartfelt thank you to the custodial and lunch staff for all of the work they do, and I hope that this message will be recognized by other students at MHS.