Marshfield Area Pet Shelter Helps Anxious Dog Find Loving Home

MAPS Adopter Finds Canine Companion, Praises Shelter’s Care

When Doc arrived at Marshfield Area Pet Shelter (MAPS), she was a depressed and anxious dog. Surrendered to the shelter when her owner could no longer care for her, she was given a comfortable kennel at MAPS’ temporary home on West 29th Street to await a forever home.

Though a nervous habit led her to lick the skin on her knees raw, she was still a cute canine, thanks to her floppy ears, black and white spotted coat, and friendly face. Through the loving care of volunteers and MAPS staff, Doc slowly transformed from sad and confused to cautiously cheerful.

Doc (now “Wynn”) in her new home.

Fortunately, Doc didn’t have to wait too long for her new human to find her. Annmarie LaConte, a Phoenix resident and Milwaukee native vacationing in Wisconsin during her summer break from teaching, fell in love with Doc after finding her profile online.

“I was doing a search for rescues and shelters in northern Wisconsin,” explained LaConte. “When I read that Doc did not have a foster home and was living in the shelter, I was immediately interested in giving her a soft bed and a home!”

After reading about Doc’s nervous licking habit in the shelter, she hoped more stability would help alleviate the dog’s anxiety.

“When I met her and saw how loving, sweet, and intelligent she was, I knew I wanted her to come home with me!” said LaConte.

After contacting MAPS, she arranged an appointment with Shelter Manager Kaitlin Loberg to meet Doc at the shelter.

“Kaitlin clearly adored Doc and knew a great deal about her disposition and temperament. It was obvious the shelter volunteers had been loving and attentive, and Doc had already seen a vet for updated shots and a thorough check up,” said LaConte. “It is clear the people who knew Doc at the shelter really loved and cared about her.”

Doc and LaConte were a perfect match, and after filling out the paperwork, the two started a new life together.

“The more amazing part of this story is how she found ‘a needle in a haystack’, searched through dozens and dozens of dogs and finally decided to drive more than two hours to come meet our dog and fall in love,” said Rau.

Doc (now named Wynn) now enjoys long walks, sunning herself on the deck, bird watching, and pontoon boat rides with her new owner.

MAPS staff and volunteers couldn’t be happier with Doc’s new home.

Wynn enjoying a pontoon boat ride.

“Every now and then, we encounter those extra special adopters that stand out from the rest. Annmarie will forever be remembered as one of them,” said Rau. “Doc was one of those dogs we worried about. We thought we would have her for awhile and Voila! … there she was to give her a wonderful home!”

LaConte is glad to have Doc in her life, and encourages anyone interested in adding a pet to their family to adopt, and to adopt with the intention of having the dog for the long haul.

“They are living things who deserve love, care, and consistency for the extreme loyalty and invaluable companionship they provide,” she said.

Once understanding the training and work involved, adopting a pet is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have. LaConte encourages checking out sites like for information on dogs available in your area.

“If you cannot adopt a pet, consider volunteering at a shelter to help care for pets who need love and companionship!” she added.

Marshfield Area Pet Shelter is a 501(c)3 nonprofit diligently serving Marshfield and the surrounding communities. They are actively fundraising for a new shelter, and donations and volunteers are always welcome.

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