MAPS Releases New Lost & Found Pets Brochure

MAPS dog "Archie" with his new canine sibling

Brochure Educates About Lost and Found Pets

Marshfield Area Pet Shelter (MAPS) is dedicated to helping animals in need, and with hundreds of stray cats and dogs entering their temporary shelter facility every year, it’s always a happy moment when an animal can be reunited with its family.

“MAPS comes across hundreds of homeless pets and many of the strays that come in have to have a family that is missing them,” said Megan Jasurda, MAPS Lost and Found Coordinator.

Not only does MAPS assist animals within their own building, shelter volunteers also counsel both pet owners who have lost a pet and people who have found a lost pet to help facilitate a reunion.

Using social media and other tools, Jasurda helps dozens of pets each month – dogs, cats, rabbits, lizards, birds etc – see their family again. As part of a growing initiative to help lost and found pets, MAPS recently released a new brochure (download it here) that outlines what to do in a lost or found pet situation.

For those who have lost a pet, Jasurda encourages them to follow the steps outlined in the brochure and to never give up.

“Immediately place belongings outside where they went missing, like food, blankets, hairbrush, etc,” she said. “Post flyers on stop signs and nearby gas stations created through the free Facebook service called Lost Dogs of Wisconsin or Lost Cats of Wisconsin. Inform neighbors to check under their decks or inside sheds. Cats can be hiding inside furniture, boxspring, couch or stuck in a tree. Notify local authorities and surrounding townships. Check exterior doors frequently between 11pm and 6am.”

For those seeking to help others that have lost pets, the easiest way to assist is to follow MAPS on Facebook and share posts as they appear.

“People in the community can help lost animals by sharing Facebook posts from the Marshfield Area Pet Shelter,” said Jasurda. “You never know who will see the post and who may spot the missing animal!”

Stray cats and dogs are held for seven days until they are ready to begin the pre-adoption process.

“It is best to check our Found Pets photo album on our Facebook page to prevent your pet from being adopted out,” said Jasurda.

Jasurda encourages anyone who has lost a pet to never give up looking.

“When cats go missing for a few weeks, a family loses hope,” she said. “MAPS came across a cat that was missing for one year, luckily one of our volunteers remembered this cat from a year earlier. Don’t lose hope, keep periodically informing your local shelter that your pet is still missing!”

Most importantly, before tragedy occurs, pet owners should spay, neuter, and microchip pets.

“There are many low cost options available but it is best to establish with a local veterinarian if financially able,” said Jasurda. “Pets are less likely to wander if they are fixed.”

Jasurda also encourages pet owners to keep dogs and cats on leash when outside, fence in yards, and use exteriors doors that don’t allow pets to bolt outdoors.

For more information, visit MAPS on Facebook or at their website.

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