Local School Receives $18,000 from School Safety Grant Initiative

Trinity Lutheran School Improves School Safety with State Grant

Wisconsin’s School Safety Grant Initiative is benefiting a local school.

The program, which will be distributing $100 million in state-funded grants to K-12 public and private schools through the rest of the year, is part of an effort to improve safety measures and create a safe school environment. Grants are awarded through a program by the Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) in which schools and law enforcement determined need at the local level and made requests.

Since the signing of 2017 Wisconsin ACT 143 into law, which required the grant program, the DOJ has consulted with specialists in the fields of education, security, law enforcement, and mental health to develop how the initiative will improve Wisconsin schools.

Funds were organized into two categories. Primary Security focuses on baseline improvements such as door locks and hardening school entryways. Advanced Security measures for improvements beyond minimum security thresholds.

Trinity Lutheran School in Marshfield received an $18,334 grant through the program in both categories. With the funds, the school will install a new phone and PA system throughout the entire facility that will enable classrooms to communicate with the school in case of an emergency.

Additionally, security cameras viewable by law enforcement are being installed at all entrances, a shatter-resistant film will be applied to all entrances to prevent forced entry, and an electronic door lock with key fob system will be applied to the faculty entrance to ensure the door always remains locked.

“We’re trying to put all the necessary precautions in place,” said Kent Weigel, Security Committee Chairman. “We’re trying to let our faculty and students focus on what they should be doing – teaching and learning.”

Prior to the program, the school installed secondary door locks to all classrooms and an electronic lock to the main entrance doors.

A prerequisite of the School Safety Grant is to provide at minimum three hours of training for all full-time teachers, aides, counselors, and administrators in Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) and Trauma Informed Care/Trauma Sensitive Schools (TIC/TSS) before the 2018-19 school year, if they haven’t already received such training.

Another requirement is for applicants to partner with law enforcement to make sure proposed expenditures, visitor protocols, and school safety plans will be effective.

Attorney General Brad Schimel today awarded more than $1.3 million to the following 20 schools:

  •      Barneveld School District, $38,949;
  •      Benton School District, $57,975;
  •      Big Foot Unified High School District, $13,975;
  •      Bristol #1 School District, $22,925;
  •      Crivitz School District, $20,000;
  •      Kettle Moraine School District, $190,395;
  •      Kewaskum School District, $106,347;
  •      La Farge School District, $53,352;
  •      Luck School District, $39,516;
  •      Mauston School District, $188,275;
  •      Prentice School District, $81,272;
  •      Randall J1 School District, $21,935;
  •      River Ridge School District, $55,000;
  •      Rock County Christian School, $39,951;
  •      St. Joseph School; $20,750;
  •      Stevens Point Area Public School District, $279,827;
  •      Trinity Evangelical Lutheran School, $18,334;
  •      Union Grove J1 School District, $19,872;
  •      Wautoma Area School District, $84,435;
  •      Williams Bay School District, $28,960.
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