Library Dedicates Study Room to Man Integral to History

A man integral to the history of the Everett Roehl Marshfield Public Library will once again be honored.

The Library Board voted in its August 21 meeting to name a study room on the second floor after Amander Beebee, who left the remainder of his estate to the library after his passing in 1939.

“He was instrumental in providing funding that eventually went into building the library on Second Street,” said Library Director Lori Belongia. Although Beebee wouldn’t live to see the new library opened in 1960, his generous support allowed the project to exist. Previously, Tower Hall diagonal from the current library lot housed the city’s public library since 1901.

“I like to say we’ve kept it all in the neighborhood,” said Belongia. “It tells you the center of the city is important.” A frame will hang in the study room detailing information about Amander Beebee and the 1960 library.

Beebee Forum Room at the old library, now the 2nd Street Community Center, was renamed the Dolezal Room as part of the fundraising process for the remodeling of the facility. With the dedication of the study room, Beebee’s name will again provide a hint into the library’s storied past.