Important Information about your Residential Trash and Recycling Service

The City of Marshfield and Advanced Disposal are pleased to introduce a new trash and
recycling cart program for residents who are currently receiving curbside service from the City. (Find the FAQ below!)

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The new program provides residents with trash and recycling carts made of sturdy commercial grade plastic with wheels for easy movement and hinged lids to contain items and minimize animal pilferage and blowing trash. The new carts provide a clean and convenient way for residents to dispose of trash and recyclables and increase their recycling capacity.

As part of your curbside service, you will receive a 96-gallon trash cart and a 96-gallon recycling cart by default. If you would like to substitute either of your 96-gallon carts for a smaller size, please complete the card that was mailed to your home address or visit the following website to submit your change:

Beginning Tuesday, April 10, 2018, carts will start being delivered to residents. It will take a couple weeks to complete delivery to all residents. The first collection date using the new carts will be Monday, April 30. Trash will be serviced weekly and recycling will be serviced every other week. Service days will be announced at a later date and shared with the residents.

Please make sure to choose the size that will fit your weekly trash needs and every other week recycling needs, to avoid having material outside of your cart.

Cart size options:
35-gallon cart – holds up to 2 standard kitchen-size bags
64-gallon cart – holds up to 4 standard kitchen-size bags
96-gallon cart – holds up to 6 standard kitchen-size bags

You can view samples of cart sizes at City Hall, City Garage, Everett Roehl Marshfield Public
Library and Advanced Disposal through the month of January.

Again, if you would like to receive a 96-gallon cart for both trash and recycling, you do not have to do anything. If you would like to substitute either of your 96-gallon carts for a smaller size please complete the card that was mailed to your home address or visit the following website to submit your response:

All responses must be postmarked by Tuesday, February 13, 2018.

If you have any questions, you may contact Advanced Disposal at (715) 502-3565.

-Submitted by the City of Marshfield

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why the change?
The switch will be a significant cost savings for the City of Marshfield and its taxpayers.
Find background information and cost analysis here:
Will Advanced Disposal pick up old bins?
Old Advanced Disposal and Veolia bins can be collected free-of-charge. Residents wishing to dispose of those can call 715-502-3565 to arrange pickup. Residents wishing to dispose of bins that are NOT AD or Veolia will need to put them INSIDE their new bins, or bring to Advanced Disposal.

Will the City send out a calendar with new pickup dates?
Yes! When the new containers are delivered, they will have a calendar and information inside.

What if my trash/recycling won’t fit in the bins?
There is the option to purchase additional containers (see below). Marshfield residents can also drop off extra trash bags at Advanced Disposal free-of-charge.

Can I purchase extra containers?
Yes! Extra containers are currently $10/month/cart, paid to Advanced Disposal. Call 715-502-3565 to inquire.

What do I do with my bulk items (old couches, etc)?
Under the new contract, Advanced Disposal will continue their free bulk item service. Residents will simply need to call ahead for this: 715-502-3565.

Does all trash and recycling need to be in the bins?
Yes. Trash and recycling outside of the AD bins will not be picked up. This is due to safety reasons. Read more here:

What can I recycle?
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