High Water Closes Main Entrance at North Wood County Park

The dam at North Wood County Park 6-19-18. Photo by Steven Okonek.

High water has closed the main entrance to North Wood County Park. Officials have posted directions to get into the park via an alternate route. Follow the instructions below:

Water floods over the bridge at North Wood County Park, 6-19-18. Photo by Steven Okonek.

High Water Entrance to Campground

Look for the sign directing you how to exit the road, located on the ground by the entrance.
Go back out of the campground through the NORTH entrance.
Go North on CTH A about one mile
Take a left on CTH N and go approximately 1 mile West. You will go across the Yellow River Bridge.
After going over the bridge, take a left on Polish Road about 2 miles.
Take a left on Richfield Wood Road and continue until you come to a gravel road. This is the back entrance of the park.
You will need to take a right turn and go around the overflow area (the road is one-way) and find your site.

Steven Okonek