Your Guide to City of Marshfield Property Tax Bills

City Finance Department Mailing Property Tax Bills This Month

Every year, per State law, the City of Marshfield Finance Department mails out property tax statements by the third Monday of December. Because there are more than 7,000 tax bills mailed out, the City works with County staff to more efficiently fold, print, and mail the bills.

WI Statutes require the City to collect property taxes levied for four taxing jurisdictions. These include the City, School District, Technical College, and County. Marshfield has property located in two counties (Wood and Marathon) which means the City Finance Department collects and distributes property taxes for five taxing jurisdictions in total. (The State of Wisconsin used to be included on this list, but now receives funding through a different method.)

“Everything on the tax bill is mandated by legislation,” explained Keith Strey, City of Marshfield Finance Director. “This year is pretty straightforward.”

Taxes are used to finance City, School District, Technical College, and County operations.

“This is an important part of financing their operations,” said Strey. “Just like in our personal life, they have to have enough to pay the bills.”

Taxes help support general government operations, public safety, public works, cemetery, quality of life, and development services.

Assessed value and improvements is what the property owner is taxed on. Estimated Market Values are determined by a State of Wisconsin ratio.

“Marshfield is a historically steady community,” said Strey.

The following table provides a breakdown of tax rates taxing jurisdiction and comparison information from the prior year:

Payment Information

Property taxes can be paid using one of four options. Those options are:

  • By Mail (include self-addressed stamped envelope if a receipt is requested)
  • On-line via the City of Marshfield website at:
  • Pay in person at the City of Marshfield Finance Department – 5th floor City Hall
  • Pay in person at Citizens State Bank of Loyal

Payment is due by the end of January (technically, five business days after the end of January), and can be paid in two installments, or in-full. After the deadline, tax payments and questions are handled by the County Treasurer.

To Prevent Delay and Confusion:

  • Please bring your tax statement stub when you pay.
  • Please check with your Mortgage Co. if payment is from escrow.
  • Call (715) 384-2992 with any questions.

For those unable to pay, Strey encourages contacting the County Treasurer to discuss payment options.

“Any time you get a payment in, it helps your case,” he said. “It shows good faith and follow-through.”

Those with questions can also contact the City’s Finance Department or City Administrator Steve Barg.

Wood County Treasurer: (715) 421-8484
Marathon County Treasurer: 715-261-1150

Tax Bill Sample