Future of Marshfield Transitional Shelter Announced

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Personal Development Center to Purchase Former Shelter

Personal Development Center, Inc. (PDC), Wisconsin Rapids Family Center, and Saint Vincent De Paul hosted a press conference today at the Transitional Shelter in Marshfield (505 E. Depot St.). There, representatives from the organization shared information on the collaboration of these three organizations and the future of the facility.

In a January 28 letter to supporters, Executive Director Renee Schulz and PDC Board of Directors outlined some of the history and goals of PDC.

“Personal Development Center recently celebrated 40 years as a private non-profit organization!” she wrote. “Our mission to empower individuals and families through advocacy and education so they can make choices for a safe future remains strong!”

She added that, throughout the years, PDC has provided advocacy and support to thousands of victims and children in need; in 2016, 969 individuals received increased safety and the tolls necessary to begin healing from the trauma of abuse.

Advocates work to empower participants so they can safely transition into their own home and work toward building a successful future. As a non-residential program, however PDC has faced the challenge of ensuring immediate and short-term shelter while legal and long-term housing options can be explored.

She also outlined new opportunities for the future for the organization:

New opportunities: With the closing of the Frederic Ozanem Family Shelter in Marshfield, PDC will be relocating to that facility, which will allow for enhanced and expanded programs and services to include safe shelter for victims of domestic violence and their children.

Vision for the future: Securing a facility that will address community needs now and into the future is within our reach. This new endeavor will enable us to enhance collaborations, increase safety and access to supportive services and provide greater opportunities for empowerment, healing, and growth for victims of domestic violence and children.

From Vision to Reality: We really need your help. PDC funding is designated to current programs and services, and grant dollars cannot be used for purchase of property or building modifications to ensure necessary security measures for services. Options for ongoing funding of increase op costs due to 24-hour staff and shelter-specific services are available, however funding cycles and request deadlines do not allow for timely access of necessary financial support. Bringing this vision to reality and setting the stage for future success will cost approximately $380,000….$80,000 for shelter purchase (which is the assessed value of the land), $150,000 for additional interior and external security, and $150,000 for first-year op expenses. Any gift large or small is greatly appreciated and we’re happy to discuss all recognition options for leadership givers.

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