February 28 Common Council Meeting Preview

Council Preview- What to Expect at Tuesday’s Meeting

With the City of Marshfield Common Council’s next meeting on Tuesday, February 28, City Administrator Steve Barg outlines what to expect. Previewing the agenda with him is WDLB’s Mike Warren, host of Council Preview on Marshfield Community Television (MCTV). For updates on City projects, click here.

Expected Highlights for Tuesday’s Meeting:

Discussion regarding parking in the downtown.

For about a year, a Downtown Parking Team of six individuals from the business community and six government officials has been reviewing issues downtown. This team, which has already presented and received approval from Main Street Marshfield, MACCI, CVB, and the Economic Development Board, will provide an update to the Common Council on Tuesday.  At Monday’s Board of Public Works meeting, the Board accepted the team’s following proposals:

  1. Pertaining to street parking, remove 90-minute restrictions on side streets west of Chestnut Avenue and east of Maple Avenue
  2. Remove parking limit on West 1st Street, next to police station
  3. Designate two lots (Milwaukee and Omaha) as not requiring parking permits. Limitations are still be be decided on this.
  4. Standardize signage
  5. Allow for a pro-rated plan for a parking permit, allowing people to pay for part of the year if they purchased after January
  6. Form a committee to examine pedestrian safety issues: crosswalks, 2nd and 4th Street walk lights, traffic enforcement, speeding, etc…

Each change requires a process before implementation. The Council will need to devise how to implement these changes.

New Garbage/Recycling Proposal

Advanced Disposal would like to transition to an automated cart system for trash and recycling. On-wheel bins for garbage and recycling, respectively, would increase convenience for AD drivers, and be provided to all residents. If the Council approves the Board of Public Works minutes from February 21, the Board will then continue the discussion by addressing whether to amend the City’s contract with Advanced Disposal, and how this change might be funded.

Multi-Tenant Development on North Central

As discussed at the February 21 Plan Commission meeting, there is a proposed multi-tenant development on the block currently housing Papagalos restaurant. The Council will review the recommendation of the Commission, which granted a Conditional Use Permit that includes some limitations (including 51-site parking stalls, limit of square-footage, etc…) as multi-tenant use of that property is the intent.

Former Patio Restaurant Building Conversion

The Council will review a change to existing property at the location of the former The Patio Restaurant. The intent is to convert the building into four apartments.

“The intent is to add four additional units and to have more housing in that area,” said Barg. “There does seem to be a need. That area in particular would be right for this kind of housing.”

Veterans Parkway Estates

The developer at Veterans Parkway Estates is asking for the City to undertake a greater role in that development, which is currently privately owned. This would involve retrofitting current infrastructure.

“Ultimately we do work with developers when the market changes,” said Barg. “Our main goal is we want to see new housing. New housing is good for the community.”