Bids for Highway 97 Project Due December


Central Ave in Marshfield Will Soon be Out for Bid

Bids for the Highway 97 project will be re-let in November and are due the second Tuesday in December. The highly-anticipated road repair project stretches from Arnold Street to Harrison Street. Due to a higher-than-expected single bid this May in Madison, construction was delayed until next year.

According to DOT’s Matt Bronson, Project Development Chief Engineer, terms for the contract were slightly adjusted to attract more bidders and reduce costs by allowing contractors greater flexibility with the schedule. Construction will commence in spring 2019 with a required completion date of August 2019. This year, the tighter construction schedule would have needed to accommodate Farm Technology Days, held in July.

With the changes, the DOT hopes estimates will come in closer to what its estimates are for the project. “We owe it to the citizens of Marshfield to get this project done,” said Rep. John Spiros. “Hopefully the bids come in fine, and we see this project moving forward and getting done in time.”

The bid will be posted to the DOT website a week after it is awarded.

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