Bob McManus Makes First Mayoral Appearance on WDLB’s Insight Program

WDLB's Jeff Cannon, Mayor Bob McManus

New Mayor Bob McManus Guest on WDLB’s Insight Program

On Friday’s WDLB Insight Program, host Jeff Cannon welcomed a new face on his monthly “Insight: Ask the Mayor” program. Mayor Bob McManus had his first appearance as mayor on the show.

During his decade in local office, previous Mayor Chris Meyer visited WDLB or Marshfield Community Television (MCTV) studios on the first Friday of every month to talk with Cannon about the latest news and events taking place in the City of Marshfield.

During the program, listeners can call into the program to talk directly with the Mayor- to ask questions, address concerns, or share an idea.

Mayor Bob McManus

On McManus’ first episode, the two discussed the campaign, and addressed City issues including communication, roads, and public safety.

“The radio station gets out to a lot of people, so I think this show specifically is very important,” he said after the program. “Everybody in Marshfield that wants to can ask the mayor a question directly. So I think it’s a vital component. I think the city is lucky to have the outlet.”

Host Jeff Cannon added that he enjoys the ability to ask questions on behalf of the masses, and in real time.

“A lot of people are probably thinking the same thing, so when one person asks, then the other people are going ‘oh yeah, I had that idea, too,'” he said. “I try to focus my questions in a way that’s what people would say if they were in a meeting. I’m trying to be their advocate.”

“The other part that I like about this so much is for the people that are listening, they aren’t hearing the sound bite,” added McManus. “I’ve done interviews where I’m saying a different thing and all that’s taken is the two sentences of it and without that full background, those two sentences might be taken out of context. On this show here, the people that are listening can hear the whole thing and then make their determination. I love the format.”

Next month, the Mayor speaks live from the Mayor’s Dairyfest Breakfast. Each episode is broadcast throughout the month on Charter Channel 989, and available to watch anytime on MCTV’s website.

Everyone is welcome to listen live and call into the program, which is broadcast live on the first Friday of every month on AM1450 WDLB, starting at 10:00am.




Marshfield Mayor Speaks Monthly on Insight Program