Arbor Day in Marshfield: Part II, Emerald Ash Borer

Emerald Ash Borer Update

    • Emerald Ash Borer has been found in Wood County but has not currently been found within the City of Marshfield
    • Throughout the creation of the EAB management plan the City has done extensive research and also inspection of the City owned Ash trees.

    • A combination of removal, replacement, and treatment is what experts in the field recommend as the sound way of managing EAB.
    • Communities in and around Wood County have reached out to us as leaders in the local area in regards to formulating a management plan and community awareness.

      Signs of EAB to look for:

    • Spring Time
      • Watch for woodpecker activity on ash trees. Woodpecker will be pecking holes to eat borer in its Pupae stage.Spring and summer
      • Observe for canopy dieback which begins in the upper one-third of the canopy and will progress over time until the tree is bare.
      • What may have been some declining areas last summer would grow into a higher percentage of dieback this summer.
      • Also Epicormic shoots will form, from the roots and trunk, because the nutrients the roots are taking in cannot reach the upper canopy do to xylem damage from S shaped galleries.
      • This is usually visible after some dieback has occurred.Over summer
      • Once the adult beetle has emerged the beetle creates a very distinct D shaped exit hole in the bark.
      • If D shaped holes are visible peel a small area of bark and look for S shaped serpentine galleries.
      • The amount of damage done by EAB will vary depending on the population of EAB in that area.

Annual Maintenance of EAB Management Plan

  • The City is doing annual inspections after full leaf out and while giving treatment
    • 218 Ash trees scheduled to be treated along City ROW’s
    • 77 Ash trees are scheduled to be treated within “manicured” Parks areas
    • All other Ash trees are scheduled to be removed.
    • 2016 was our first year of treating our remaining ash trees
    • We treated 149 Ash between Parks and Street Trees in 2016
    • 2017 we will treat the remaining ~150

Future growth opportunities

  • 2017 we have made it our goal to find more cost effective means to increase our diversity and number of new tree plantings.
  • Occasionally the reluctance of a homeowner to have a tree planted adjacent to their house has decreased our available planting locations.
  • For that reason, the city is asking any homeowner who would like to see a tree planted adjacent to their property to please call the Street Division at 715-486-2081
  • The City recommends to seek the opinion of an ISA Certified Arborist and to also follow all regulatory laws to limit the spread of all Pests and Diseases.
  • Marshfield Arbor Day Celebration will be held on May 4th at 1:00pm at Lincoln Elementary School. DNR Urban Forester Don Kissinger will help plant a tree, and will celebrate the importance of trees with roughly 50 3rd graders.  Each student will receive a white spruce grow plug to plant at their house with their family. Other attendees will be Mayor Chris Meyer, Street Superintendent Mike Winch, Jean Warp, and Tim Rasmussen.