All-American Tradition Enjoyed

Photo Credit: Pamela Kolb

All-American Franchise Opens In Spencer

The long-awaited opening of the Spencer A&W restaurant happened this this week on Monday, February 12 in Spencer, WI. The parking lot was full from open to close during the first week of being open. People throughout Central Wisconsin ventured to Spencer to experience an all-American tradition. Even the unexpected made their way to the new location to enjoy some all-American food.

Upon opening its doors for the first time at 10am, a free A&W stein was handed out to the first 100 customers, and a mini mug to the first 100 kids. The restaurant is owned by DeeAnne Wells of the Withee location.

“I love small towns, and it was close enough that I could run both [restaurants],” said Wells, who grew up in Withee. “I just was excited about working in another small town.”

The full menu will be available from the start, and the location will host a grand opening celebration sometime in April once the Spencer location has a chance to settle in. Wells said the festivities may include balloons for kids and fun activities like spin-the-wheel, not to mention plenty of free samples.

Setting up in small towns is not unusual for the A&W franchise, which found its origins in a small town in 1919 as the first restaurant franchise in the U.S. According to last year’s comprehensive plan, Spencer’s population was estimated by the Wisconsin Department of Administration to be 1,615 people in 2015.

The closest A&W restaurants are in Withee, which is over half an hour away from the new Spencer location, or in Neillsville, the same distance. Residents of Marshfield will only have to travel about 15-20 minutes to order a famous root beer float.

Known for its root beer and nostalgic touch, the all-American franchise has been experiencing a comeback with a 30% increase in average sales, according to the A&W website.

Head to 804 S. Pacific Ave. in Spencer to see the new location.