Q & A: Main Street Marshfield Pop Up Shops

Pop Up Shop Questions Answered

Pop Up Shop Q & A submitted by Main Street Marshfield

What is a Pop Up Shop: A Pop Up Shop is a temporary store that POPS UP for a limited time! It is exciting for the consumers, but more importantly, it is an opportunity for new business to develop. Pop-Up shops provide a low-cost and low-risk way for entrepreneurs and existing businesses to try out a new market.

What kinds of businesses can benefit from a Pop up Shop: Any business looking for a storefront to test out their product or service on the Marshfield market. If someone has a business idea, but they are unsure if it will flourish in Marshfield, well this is a good, low risk, opportunity to see if it will work.

Who should consider this opportunity: Existing businesses looking to expand to a new market. New businesses that need a place to grow their business. Entrepreneurs who want a space to launch their idea!

What are the requirements to participate: The only requirements are that you commit to a minimum 6 month lease and that you are serious about starting a business in Downtown Marshfield.

What kind of assistance is Main Street offering: Our assistance will vary based on the needs of the business, but we will be there to help at every step. We are able to provide both technical and financial assistance. To start, we will help the business find the right location and negotiate the lease so that it fits their budget. Secondly, we will provide temporary signage and assist with marketing. After that, it will depend on the needs of the business, but we are willing to be of assistance throughout the entire process. We also have a great SCORE program in Marshfield that can assist them with either developing or tweaking their business plan.

Why is the program beneficial: The program is beneficial to the pop up business, but also to the entire downtown district. Many pop-up tenants learn valuable data that helps them refine their business plan, and go on to become developed retail businesses, either remaining open in a previously vacant space or opening back up a year later once they’ve polished their business plan based on the pop-up experience. The process is quite simple, and can be very effective. Create something new in your downtown district and re-new interest and visibility.

Success Stories:

The Burich Bunch Bakery participated in the 2015 Pop Up Shop. They are now managing the first indoor, Winter Farmers Market in Marshfield. They started up in November of 2016 and will be open til April. They have 10 plus vendors in the market and they have big plans for future expansion.

Fun Factory Sweet Shoppe out of Rhinelander popped up in Downtown Marshfield over the Valentine’s Day weekend. While they were not part of the Main Street Marshfield Pop Up Shop program, they demonstrated how effective and exciting a pop up shop can be. With their short duration, they were not able to get an accurate feel for the market in Marshfield, but they were able to develop name recognition and create a buzz about their business. They had a great experience and were able to start a dialogue with a lot of the Marshfield residents. George Rouman, the owner of Fun Factory Sweet Shoppe, is strongly considering Marshfield as a 2nd location in the future.